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Pawana Lake Camping Lonavala

Pawna Blue Water

Are you planning a Night Out or Picnic which is the best location for it? Do you want to experience an unforgettable Lakeside Camping experience? You will be in a peaceful environment with natural beauty and forts that surround the lake? We provide you with the opportunity to discover Pawna lake. Pawna lake is the most appealing camping site located in the city of Lonavala. It is just 20 kilometers away from Lonavala city center. 110 km from Mumbai city and 58 km away from Pune city. We offer you the most enjoyable experience in Pawna Lake Camping.

We offer a tent for your stay and unlimited meals, as well as complimentary snacks and a delicious barbecue. In addition, we offer live guitar music at certain times of the day to help you relax in the evening. A campfire or adventure will add excitement to your vacation.

Pawna Lake Camping with Pawna Blue Water - The Perfect solution for Lakeside Camping

Pawna Blue Water Camping

For a one-day picnic, The Pawna lake camping is one of the best options for you. All campsites are located on pawna lake, which is why most campsites are in contact with water. Pawna Blue Water has provided services for over five years, and thousands of customers have attended occasions with us. Our plan follows the standard camper requirements; however, you can customize any package at the lowest cost.

Our campsite packages are designed to meet the requirements of regular campers. Additionally, we can customize the packages to meet the requirements of groups of campers, and all campsites are secure for families, couples, and all kinds of groups.

Why Pawna Lake Camping is the best location?

  • Pawna lake is known for its gorgeous setting. The water in the lake comes from rain. The source is not other; this means the water is clear and sweet, making it one of India's purest and transparent water bodies.
  • A unique site that brings energy to the surroundings. It's a place to live for an incredible ecosystem that makes it a place that is worth spending time in.
  • If there is no moon, the lake is illuminated by stars, and at night, there is the full moon. The moon's reflection in the lake, capturing all the natural splendor.
  • An unspoiled natural paradise is what vacationers want to discover. It is renowned for its stunning beauty as well as its exciting experience. The camping experience on Pawna Lake combines facilities, ease of use, and comfort. It's an excellent vacation for soulmates, family, friends, and even groups.
  • Pawna Blue Water is currently working at Pawna lake for many years. We have established a camp at one of the most coveted locations in Pawna lake. From this spot, the sunset view is stunning. We offer paragliding, cabs, and a variety of adventure activities. We concentrate on safety and quality during every outdoor activity.

Pawna Blue Water Camping

The Specialities of Pawna Lake Camping

Pawana Blue Water Camping
Amazing sunrise that welcomes the mornings.

The warm glow of the sun on a clear morning floods the lake with spectacular pictures that should be captured.

Sunsets that make the moment exceptional

The calm and serene water of the reservoir comes stunning sunsets that reveal the deepness of the evening view.

Why Choose Pawna Blue Water for Pawna lake camping?

  • Camping is the dream of everyone who loves nature. To fulfill the moment,Pawna Lake Camping is among the most beautiful camping options. Stay in a Tent near the lake and Take in the views of the water spread out across the sky. Relive your experiences with family and friends under the clear skies, surrounded by the moon and lightning stars. Relax and enjoy dancing near the lake Pawna river. See the reflections of the water in open skies and massive hills. If you're searching for this, then Pawna Blue Water Camp is the best spot to go for Lakeside Camping.
  • Pawna Blue Water offers you the chance to experience authentic camping on the lake. Take a break from your daily routine to relax and unwind from your hectic schedule to enjoy the experience of Lakeside Camping. Hale the fresh air of fresh and clean air. You can see a beautiful sun rising through your eyes. Feel the early morning sun's healthy radiation over your entire body. Enjoy the feeling of exercising in the morning light by the lakeside under the clear sky, with birds singing. You will learn how to pitch your tent, and You can put up a barbecue & cook your barbecue. Make a campfire, and then get lost with your loved ones while sharing your stories under the endless stars and do other activities that can make your camping experience more memorable and unforgettable

Pawana Blue Water Camping

Pawna Blue Water Camping
  • Some campsites are designed explicitly for bachelors, families, and couples. We ensure that each is provided with their own space of security and privacy. In addition, we offer fresh and healthy food products from local markets and farms. Food is freshly prepared and inspected before serving guests at our campsite.
  • We began this camping site in the past few years. Our goal is to offer the best camping experience in Pawna Lake. We have had more than 2000 favorable reviews on Google map. We will provide you with an enjoyable, stress-free experience. We invite you to join us in the camping area and create many memories.

Reasons to book on

  • You will not get any fake commitments.
  • You will not pay any booking fees or extra costs.
  • If you are a couple, a Separate camp available for couples
  • If you come with families, Separate camps for families are available
  • If you are a bachelor, a Separate camp for bachelor are available
  • You can enjoy Live guitar on a specific day
  • Boating on particular locations will be available for you
  • You can check 2000 reviews on google map & 1000+ website reviews
  • You can easily reach out to this Location
  • 24/7 call support is available for you
  • You can book online through our Online booking system - Instant confirmation.
  • We charge only a 33% advance to book.
  • You have the freedom to choose any site from various options
  • You can enjoy Camps at the lakeside with us
  • You will enjoy the best food available with us
  • You have Options in breakfast
  • Fridge available
  • We serve Daily fresh food (We don't store food)
  • You will get access to the 360-degree street view of each camp
  • You can view the original photos of the Camping activities on our website

Pawna Blue Water Camping

Frequently Asked Questions

Guidelines or Restrictions

1. Do not be rude to other campers at the Campsite.

2. Swimming in the lake is strictly forbidden.

3. The tent cannot be moved from one location to another after it has been set.

4. Do not damage any private property located at Pawna Lake Camping Site.

5. Smoking is not permitted within the tent and in public areas and could be offensive to others.

6. Don't carry expensive items such as jewellery or another item.

7. We don't offer an assurance of Bonfire and other outdoor activities during the rainy season.

Book the Best Camping Service with Pawna Blue Water

Now, the research for an environment that is family-friendly near Pawna lake ends here. Pawana Blue Water recognizes the necessity of a safe and secure environment that a family might want to enjoy camping and offers relaxing camping services that cater to families' demands. However, there is the possibility of an intimate evening with your significant other, and you are wondering whether camping on a lake in Pawna is suitable for couples? It's secure for couples, and our team strives to do their best to ensure couples enjoy an unwinding and enjoyable camping experience.

The booking for camping at the Pawna lake is simple with us. All you need to do is pick the location you want to visit, choose a package, pay in full or deposit an advance amount, and receive an immediate confirmation. Our prices start from an affordable rate that could change based on the modifications to packages.

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